Under pressure Push Up 1- 3

During the day - work and ambition, in the evening - dreams and loneliness. What price to pay in career race - that's the main theme of the play. The action in "Push Up" take place in the heart of multinational corporation. Huge building and its inhabitants and two security guards- Henry and Mary. They live, in general, not bad - even bosses turned a blind eye on the banned TV on the workplace. Moreover there, in the TV, constantly commercial company presents, in which a handsome man carries on his hands in the rain through a puddle beautiful lady. What does the corporation make and for what it is generally need it is a closely guarded secret, but even Henry and Mary understand that human nobility of the infomercial company has nothing to sixteen floors of the building, which they guard. Today the play «Push Up» is played all over the world - in London, Moscow, Riga, Paris, New York, Berlin, Stuttgart, Zurich, Hamburg, Vienna and Kiev. Roland Schimmelpfennig is the famous playwright, outstanding representative of German existentialism, in his play entertaining, explores the interaction between business and personal life.)


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