Five short stories by Pelevin

The performance is staged on stories by Victor Pelevin: "The Crystal World" - an episode from the life of the two cadets on the road to Smolny in October 25, 1917 . " Middlegame " - men become women , women become men .... " Tambourine of the Upper World " - shaman Tyimy extracts from another world foreign soldiers who was killed during the Second World War ... but the focus is not always possible ... " Tarzan " - fantasy sleepwalker in a collision with ordinary consciousness . "The Vervolk's problem in the middle lane " - newcomer who knows nothing is nailed to the werewolf pack. Staging is filled with philosophical moments , focused on contemporary culture. The play tell us about the present, but most of all - about the future. In fact, Pelevin's texts with his extraordinary surreal "organic" are the main issue in this production. His prose makes the viewer work hard in mind as well as the actors. This performance has "absolute humane lyricism", which is difficult to measure in three hours of theatre play.

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