did you not get into the era? did the fish swallow you and spit you out? your friend proposes to remove porn with national themes? burned your relatives and you do not regret it? do you want to shoot star wars and instead shoot corpses caught in Kharkiv rivers? do you have a writer who killed your love for literature? do you also learn italian for revenge? Do you also visit Centaur Memory Evenings? Then you come to us.
Our version of the world-famous Shakespearean tragedy.
In the modern tolerant world we try to find a common language with people without losing our own point of view. It's a musical social comedy.
On the works of Vysotsky and the memories of his friends.
Performance by оne of the most famous astrophysicists of the present Stephen Hawking.
According to the novel by F.M. Dostoevsky "The Karamazov brothers ". We grow up not because of upbringing, but due to experience of the joy and pain we've had with other people.
"Lungs" is a play about the air. About the space. About the time. About the planet. About the people who live next to us, eagerly breathing oxygen.
Romantic neoclassic history.
Crazy hitchhiking on the spaces of their homeland.
This is combination of drama and opera. The plot is based on real events from the life of Sofia Grineva...
Everyone says that Christmas is a family holiday, home ... says, and will think at the same time about something special.
The young playwright writes a play about the fall of the Berlin Wall and decides to ask his father about that time, but their relationship went wrong...
In day - work and ambitions, in the evening - dreams and doubts, loneliness and thirst for love.
The stories by Chekhov. All these stories are about love.
"We enter into love as into the dance, and dance is a scheme that works smoothly" - says the hero of the play - tango teacher.
The comedy "The Libertine" reflects only one day from the life of the French philosopher Denis Diderot.
The play is about the present, but most of all it's about the future.
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