The play by Carlo Goldoni is most scrupulously designed in the tradition of Italian commedia dell'arte.
The play is about the present, but most of all it's about the future.
In small village people live without any hopeless and one day the hope come in sight.
Marquise de Merteuil and her former lover, Viconte de Valmont conceive a dangerous love affair
"We enter into love as into the dance, and dance is a scheme that works smoothly" - says the hero of the play - tango teacher.
The young playwright writes a play about the fall of the Berlin Wall and decides to ask his father about that time, but their relationship went wrong...
In day - work and ambitions, in the evening - dreams and doubts, loneliness and thirst for love.
The stories by Chekhov. All these stories are about love.
The comedy "The Libertine" reflects only one day from the life of the French philosopher Denis Diderot.
Our fantasies on themes from different compositions by Gogol
Everyone says that Christmas is a family holiday, home ... says, and will think at the same time about something special.
Musical performance. The history of the life of each of us. This is a story about a human's way.
Labyrinth built on the short stories of Italian writer and playwright Luigi Pirandello.
Young lovers: top-model and poor artist deside to marry him to the daughter of a rich businessman
Crazy hitchhiking on the spaces of their homeland.
This is combination of drama and opera. The plot is based on real events from the life of Sofia Grineva...
Romantic neoclassic history.
On the works of Vysotsky and the memories of his friends.
This story is similar to those that happen to us every day: in the modern tolerant world we try to find a common language with people without losing our own point of view. That performance is a musical social comedy.
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