Silly stories about me and you

Ask a hundred people & ndash; what love is and get a hundred of different answers. Try to do it empirically & ndash; fall in love & ndash; and one hundred days of love & ndash; get a hundred different varieties of it. "Silly stories about me and you" & ndash; not an exception. Performance is about love. Actually there are three stories. Each of the characters in the play is experiencing in love in their own way & ndash; The bride writes letters, wife suffers because of betray, the police are ready to protect all women, especially thick, character under the name Intepreter likes river. Sometimes love is live longer then the character. Every love story is unique and inimitable. Everyone experiences is different. For thousand years audience had gone to the theate to see how people are experienced in love. Or love experiencing people. In this performance there are both.

Создатели спектакля Silly stories about me and you
Director - Helen Lazovic. Songwriter - Denis Martynov.