Gaspard de la nuit. Hanged.

In the life of everyone there comes a time when nice politically correct world collapsing, when you feel meanness, lies, betray of the people who are closest to you and you are overwhelmed, feel guilty, worthlessness, fear and despair. Person finds the strength and nobility of soul only when diving into the borderline and looking into the most deeply hidden corners of his mind. Only then we will be able to understand, forgive, and, most importantly, to protect the honor and dignity of the dearest person in the world & hellip;

Solo performance created by the play of Leila Alexander-Garrett (London) & mdash; writer, translator, who worked with Andrei Tarkovsky during the filming of his latest movie & laquo; Sacrifice & raquo; (In 2009, out of her book & laquo; Andrei Tarkovsky: a collector of dreams & raquo; and & laquo; Andrei Tarkovsky: Chronicles & laquo; Sacrifice & raquo;)

Performance makers Gaspard de la nuit. Hanged.