Performances that have already become our history, many of them are symbols of our theater!
This is a story about people who have learned to live with the ruthless and often cruel sense of the flesh. It would seem that it is beyond human capabilities.
The play by Carlo Goldoni is most scrupulously designed in the tradition of Italian commedia dell'arte.
Today, on a metaphysical level, the novel still reflects the real situation in the society in which we live. Over 100 years nothing has not changed. The man and the devil. Man and God.
An adventurer and a brilliant seducer Casanova suddenly reveals the innermost secret of his longing soul waiting for thirteen years for the mysterious Henrietta.
In small village people live without any hopeless and one day the hope come in sight.
Solo performance by Honored Artist of Ukraine Tamara Plashenko.
Russia, the beginning of the XX century The group of the theatrical amateurs is going to perform a play.
Ask a hundred people what love is and get a hundred of different answers. Try to do it empirically: fall in love and get a hundred different varieties of it in a hundred days of love.
An experience for children 6-10 years old.
Three random encounters, three possible pairs - the love story of a big city.
The partnership project with Liveartcollective MELO Stockholm under the support of the Swedish Institute in Ukraine.
Our fantasies on themes from different compositions by Gogol
Musical performance. The history of the life of each of us. This is a story about a human's way.
Labyrinth built on the short stories of Italian writer and playwright Luigi Pirandello.
Young lovers: top-model and poor artist deside to marry him to the daughter of a rich businessman
Criminal intrigue, moved by aggressive and erotic Argentine tango.
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